Scientists Make Big Green Energy Breakthrough

Oct 11

US scientists may have found a wayto produce clean energy by way of a dirty waterthis is according to a new study that's out on Mondayand the way it works is that there's a prototypeabout the size other D cell battery andit consists of two electrodes one positive one negativeand but when you put it into a bottle of waste water filled with bacteriaas the bacteria consume the organic material the microbes cost around thenegative electrode throwing of electrons which are captured in turnby the positive electrode such a verya me long-winded way I was sayingwe can turn shit water index an energy sourcethat sounds disgusting but it's alsovery good because guess what we're never gonna ridership water has long humanbeings are alivenot gonna run outta that but nowthey actually call the process fishing for electronsand scientists knew for a long time that this idea could be done in theory butthey haven'twell-founded a a way to do it relativelyofficially until now in other words all other attempts wouldn't getenough a energy actually justifytrying to do this now they can harness enough energy about 30 percent of thepotential energy and waste water they can harnessthat's about the same rate as commercially available solar panelsand they say that the process has another added benefitthey clean the water so you know howa you note now if you were to go to the bathroom to flush the toilet ago so thewaste treatment plant and they have their ways of doing it now but this is awhole newanother way to do it and so someone efficient way of doing itand a cut down a lot of money in that respect and also create energy for usso this is such a clear exampleyet again I love where nowto be fair I'm not saying that they should have known this already becausethat information just came out rightbut the federal government should look at this and say Incwe should invest billions of dollars in today sand do it in it was small towns all across America eventually try to spreadit throughout the power gridlook we have the we have the technology we have the capabilityto actually move over to a green economy between solar power and wind powerand now but this waste water power essentially as I guess what we'll callit rightbetween story in which is technically nuclear power but for EMis considered a meltdown proof me whatwhat I'm there's no better source for energy looknuclear for energy the only downside oh is that some time %um nuclear fuckinmeltdowns in Chernobyl happens rightbut if you can't assure that normal don't ever happens then of course youshould go and exhaust on May 31 saying that like the perfect0 way to get energy right we have to install really got invest in itbecause it's ok rush right now the industry so crushed right now becausethey were heavily investing in itgovernment Julia maybe we'll do it and but you have the oil companies with astranglehold on the government would hold them back from investing in thesethingsand/or I have even more news alsobut in a but separate story but somewhat relatednitrous oxide which is largely from livestock productionmakes up 38 percent I'll agriculture a missionsand it accounts for about one third overall greenhouse gases and it has amore powerful warming effectthan carbon dioxide or methane and scientistsjust discover that a certain type of grass called upup bra Ciara grasses they inhibitthe release of nitrous oxide so guess what we got another way to curtaila global warming as time goes by so we were years plant moreabove this type a grass in the climates they can support ityou would automatically be reducing carbon emissionsor omissions greenhouse gas emissions and if wecan genetically modify it to be used in any climate which is what scientistsworking on nowit's another huge breakthrough welcome tobottom line I'm trying to get to is we have the science going in the rightdirectionand this is with limited means limited resources because we have a sequester inthe United Stateswhich hurts research in the united states right we need to fully fund thesethings and then fully fund the solutions if we want to be rational peoplebut of course the reality is that all politicians are corrupt and are boughtby the oil companies in the fossil fuel industryso they can sit idly by while we have all the answers waiting toreally make a dent global warming but we don't do it

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