NZ Power: A Green Energy Plan

Oct 11

electricity prices in New Zealand too
high too many Kiwis juried
the monthly havel them
the way it makes the moment is we're
beholden to the power companies in the
doesn't have to be that way
the green Harry and the Comprehensive
Plan cheaper cleaner power
for all New Zealanders guaranteed how
plan will reduce electricity bills by
establishing a single buyer
to negotiate cheaper prices delivering a
cheaper power to households every month
as how do we did have we'll introduce
what's known as progressive pricing
this means the least how you use the
more you say
incentivizes Palisades
how solar homes policy offers kiwi's
energy freedom
by helping them to install solar panels
in generate the I'm
it's about living kiwi's take the power
back and making the switch
to a cleaner cheaper smarter in a GP
chicken is good

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