Bringing green energy and green jobs to Bangladesh

Oct 15

the life has improved for some people in
rural Bangladesh
for most of the country's $142 million
incomes are low and decent work remains
hard to find
while electricity reach as many areas
and Bangladesh
seventy percent to rural people are
connected to the national grid
the power lines either haven't reached
their villages or the cost have
is deemed too high some villagers are
opting for solar power as an alternative
it's a move in Courage by the central
government sent you the actor has been
installing solar panels in rural homes
for three years
she received training through a program
supported by the International Labour
Grameen Shakti and partner organizations
ovett call
a public agency the promotes renewable
I'll take a beaded the solar panel on
this house transfers energy from the Sun
into rechargeable battery through this
system we can have lights
charge a mobile phone watch TV among
other things
all from solar energy the villages here
seem great benefits from it
at a grammy check the center in the
nearby town of Bogor a
Shima actor another beneficiary of the
training is earning money
by assembling the various components for
the solar home systems
she says these new skills have changed
her life for the better
my family thinks I'm in a better
position now
before I couldn't cover the cost to my
education but now I can
I can also give some money to my family
now they hope I'll be able to continue
working for myself
after finishing my studies just down the
another beneficiary has become an
inspiration to the women in her village
and Grammy coated black I'm doing this
work with great interest
and encouraging other women to do the
work all-women
ask me about this and all interested in
doing it
the idea makes them very happy good
this six-week training program is
conducted at government-run vocational
training centers across Bangladesh
it's made possible through the technical
and financial support
at the Australian Government i lo
partnership agreement
Grameen Shakti and other service
providers which are expected to hire
many of the graduates
yes donna is not a pickup have taken
this course
only for one reason we have a deficiency
we have lotsa demand like electricity so
if we can make this rechargeable solar
energy system successful
it will bring great benefits to my
villagers and my country
Miller for yasmin is one of several
young women in this class of forty
although most of the trainees are man
gender is no obstacle to this line of
or to her Hamid anymore I think nowadays
there is no difference when it comes to
men and women in the workplace
but to prove it are trying to be better
than the boys
the head teacher is also bullish on the
future prospects for this kind of
specialized work
I think job just post pics the bigger
a day by day mean is in our country
%uh I think after sometimes
it will be and decided by the by a Roman
them from system must be
in the or a home back in the capital
the government is intently following the
success of the solar home programs
and is promoting further expansion at
the concept to be jobs totally new for
us what that is and we need
specially I history it
be be support people loss
their viewing us cheney species
knowledge sharing mean jobs eighty
they depicted for our will people thanks
to the partnership
wave IOL and government
Australia we are working very closely
with the government
young players organization well kiss
and some other key partner
to head Muzzin people
by providing skins so that they can
really get access
to solar pan
I think from independent perspective it
is a huge opportunity
that to delete this solar energy and
did and that could create green jobs
in mind that this ninja abilities the
workers so
with the two billion supports it to
bring the solar system
a in the bill is this where that is both
electricity from the
and mister great will benefit
people any to you the it new job
actor has finished her job for today and
she's accomplished a lot
she's product clean green renewable
source of electricity to another family
and she's achieved satisfying skilled
and decent work for herself
tomorrow she'll do it all again

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