ArchiCAD 16 – Energy Evaluation – Green Energy and Building Systems

Oct 10

In this clip we will provide the green system data for building systems that recover energyor utilize sustainable resources. Let’s switch to the Green systems panel of Building System dialog box. This panel is divided into three parts. We don’t have a solar collector on our building, so we will not check the “Solar thermalcollector” checkbox at this time. If you need this for your project then fill this field in accordingly. Add the area of the collector, select the targets and enter the angles of collector’sposition. For our project we will assume a compact heat recovery with an air-to-air heat pump forhot-water and air-heating. Let’s check the “Air-to-air energy recovery” checkbox. Please note: If your ventilation type is set to Natural on the Building systems and energypanel, this checkbox has become inactive!Let’s select the "Fixed plate for recovery" type from the pop-up and enter 85% for itsEfficiency. Let’s check the “Heat pump” checkbox in the upper right part of this panel. Wewill select the exhaust air for source. Let’s enter 1,5 kilo Watts into the Capacity text field and check the Spaces heating andHot Water generation checkboxes below the Targets field. Using green systems, like solar irradiation or geothermic energy, we can significantlyincrease the efficiency of the building’s systems. We can also reduce the wasted energyand CO2 emission of the building.

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