Solar Backpacks

Aug 20


Solar power backpack, which are durable and water-proof, can be used to charge all of your electronic gadgets such as your cell phone, iPod, blackberry, or laptop through the solar panels and battery packs (for stored energy) within your backpack. This is a great way to ensure a connection with the outside world when in the outdoors.

Whether you are hiking, camping, hunting, skiing, biking, on a school trip, or on a boy/girl scout outing, these backpacks can relieve some stress from not only the owner, but their parents, leaders, and teachers to name a few. These backpacks use thin film solar panels, which are lightweight, with an average weight of 3.5 pounds, and flexible. Thin film solar panels are great for receiving and using energy from the sun’s indirect light – so you will still be receiving a lot of energy on those not-so-sunny days.

You won’t look like you are going off into space with one of these things either. It’s not a bulky backpack revolving around solar panels to capture the sun’s energy. Instead, this solar backpack is stylish and adaptable. There are a variety of styles for different occasions, such as outdoor use, business trips, traveling, school, etc. Solar panels are placed on the outside of the backpack, where they are easily exposed to the sun. They include adaptors, which usually consist of an AC adaptor or a DC cigarette lighter that can provide an alternative way to charge the batteries.

If you buy a solar power backpack you won’t have to worry about any of your electronics going dead while you are in the middle of nowhere or on a long trip. At night time when there’s no energy from the sun light, you use the stored energy within your battery pack to charge your electronics. This is a great way to ensure that your GPS will always work and will eliminate the stress of potentially getting lost without your navigation system. You’ll also be more at ease, knowing that you can always make that emergency phone call.

How much will you have to pay for a backpack that will charge your electronics? The price range for a solar backpack ranges between $100-500. The cheaper backpacks consist of a 4-watt solar panel and a lithium-ion battery (which will not be enough to charge a laptop). The more expensive backpacks usually contain a solar panel with about 14.7 watts (such as the Generator by Voltaic Systems).

How will you know which backpack to buy? You need to determine what you plan on charging and the amount of time you will be outdoors in the sunlight. The two leading solar power backpack manufacturers are Voltaic Systems, a company based in New York, and Solar Eclipse Gear. Voltaic backpacks, priced at $250, come with 4 watts and 11 adapters so you can have a back-up charger for each of your electronic gadgets. Voltaic also makes a solar powered bag that will charge a laptop. It has the following Solar Charger Specifications:

  • 15 Watt Solar Panel generates power in sunlight. It is waterproof, lightweight and built to withstand abuse.
  • Power: 15 Watts total peak output at 20 Volts
  • Charge times: 1 hour in the sun will provide between 12 and 45 minutes of runtime, depending on your laptop. 1 hour in the sun is typically sufficient to charge most cell phones and other handheld electronics.

The fabrics of these backpacks are made out of recycled soda bottles, making it even more environmentally friendly. The best selling solar power backpack > is made by Voltaic, which includes a battery pack, AC travel charger, DC car charger and USB connection. Solar Eclipse Gear backpacks, priced around $130, only include 2.5 watts and one 12V charging outlet which is to be used in your car. It makes sense to buy a solar power backpack that contains a battery pack, so that you are able to use the excess stored energy at another time when you may not have been directly in the sun for a period of time. If you plan on only charging small items (no laptops), Helius makes a great solar power backpack for a good price.

These solar power backpacks are not just for the adventurous type, they can benefit everyone. A solar power backpack can be used to charge all of your everyday gadgets for free, either during your daily commute through the city, or while you are getting ready for work (by placing your backpack outside in the sun).

Marine Solar Panels

Aug 07

For On-board appliances and navigation systems to work, marine solar panel kits can supply power of around 100 Watts, regardless where you are on the water. These Boat Solar Kits get their free power from the sun to backup your electrical systems in marine environments.

A clean, hygienic and a renewable resource, yes, that is solar power, which is also cost-effective and nature-loving (as long as the sunlight is adequate). Solar power helps in avoiding Ozone Layer degradation as compared to other non-renewable resources. It’s also best suited for residential and commercial locations as well as for marine vessels like boats.

In areas with minimal availability to fuel and electricity you can keep your boat powered up with a solar panel kit, which in turn reduces the dependency on fuel

or electricity. Using a solar power kit on a boat can provide sufficient charge to your battery which it can sustain for a long period, giving you the freedom to stay in the ocean longer. This solar power kit doesn’t need to have its battery charged through boat's engine.

Boat Solar Kits are easy to set-up and install quickly. A standard kit contains:

  • Marine Solar Panel
  • Charge Controller
  • Mounting Hardware
  • Mounting Hardware

The output power of these kits is used to power up the Direct Current (or DC) appliances that are installed on your boat. You can choose from a wide range or power levels like 50W, 75W or 100W. The system is similar to the navigational systems used by Coast Guard such as buoys. Believe it not there are even applications to power up lighthouses.


The intent of these marine solar power kits was to provide an aid for the fast growing boater market. In United States, the market for boats was around $19 billion at the end of last millennia. You can just imagine where it is now.


Some other benefits of these solar power for boats solutions are:

  • Robust and durable even in bad weather with no moving part that can easily tear down
  • Noise free battery charging, no power generators required
  • Cost of dock power fees is cut down (over its lifetime)
  • No major expertise required for installation or maintenance
  • Easily upgradable to meet the increased needs in the marine environment

Additionally, the usage of marine solar panel kits are completely clean, pure and nature-friendly, causing no harm to: land, water or air pollution. Last but not the least, solar power is free.